We’re your local Managed IT Service Provider serving the southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois areas.  Give us a call to learn more, we are here for YOU!

About Us

We are

Singler Tech

Singler Tech is based out of the northern Illinois area, and we serve northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin and all the way to Dubuque Iowa. We have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and have extensive experience in helping Farms and food production all the way to manufacturing. Our goal and purpose are to find those companies who need that helping hand leveraging IT to gain that extra bit of traction needed to get over those hurdles and continue to grow. We pride ourselves in creative problem solving to come up with custom software development to custom network and infrastructure designs in order to make your challenges disappear. Our services are wide, we can manage your IT from on premises to the cloud or just projects that need doing. We are here to help. 


Singler Tech offers a wide range of IT solutions and consulting for small and medium businesses, not excluding residential customers. Don’t jump around from one technician to the other for IT services when you can get everything under our trusted one-stop solution. 


Singler Tech offers comprehensive service and options for managing your IT environment for you so you can be free to work on your business.  Let us handle the tech stuff!  We can monitor and alert you to issues as they happen and be on site in a jiffy if needed!


As we assess and implement your solutions, we keep security at the forefront of our minds.  You can rest at ease knowing that Singler Tech wants you to succeed, and that means making sure you are protected by following the industries current best practices when securing your networks, servers and software systems.

Our Story

Founder and owner, Jeff Singler began his career in information technology in Denver, CO.  Later life brought him to the Midwest and his passion for tech and helping businesses run like well-oiled machines has helped him succeed in this field.  His creative side is his strength and allows him to use his creative problem-solving skills to find the right tech and develop the right solutions to meet the company’s needs.  It was never about just providing a computer repair service or to be called to fix something in a network not working.  For him it’s all about being there for the companies that rely on technology and want to leverage it to take them to the next level.  Though we offer basic services, we want to get in deeper with you and your business, we want to learn all about it and help you make it even greater.

Who We Are

We are IT professionals that love and care about making businesses make it to their next level.  It’s not about just knowing and providing tech services; For us, it’s about offering solutions to help companies grow and tackle their unique challenges.  Though we may offer many services, the core of who we are is to make the customer more than just happy, we want to blow your minds and make your company boom!