We’re your local Managed IT Service Provider serving the southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois areas.  Give us a call to learn more, we are here for YOU!



Here at Singler Tech, we aim to help businesses by offering IT consulting, Managed IT Services, and solutions that are customized to their needs. We have experience serving Manufacturing and Food Industries to local municipalities such as libraries, police stations to village halls. Everyone here at Singler Tech is focused on helping businesses find the tools necessary to gain traction and grow their business through creative problem-solving. What makes us Unique? We bring creative and innovative solutions leveraging IT to solve those niche and challenging obstacles that other companies fail to. 


Singler Tech offers a wide range of IT support services and consulting for small and medium businesses, not excluding residential customers. Don’t jump around from one technician to the other for IT services when you can get everything under our trusted one-stop solution. We can help you with all your issues related to your machine (any type), network planning and implementation, server infrastructure management and administration, cloud management, cloud solutions, software development, web services, and much more.  We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and it is why within a few years we have gained a trusted reputation in the market. Give us a call, and let’s hear your problems.  Or better yet, let’s hear your ideas to make your business grow to the next level!


Singler Tech offers comprehensive service and options for managing your IT environment for you so you can be free to work on your business.  Let us handle the tech stuff!  What can you get?
Remote Monitoring – We can monitor and alert you to issues as they happen so we can respond swiftly so you are not walking into a storm when you go to work.
Patch Management – We can make sure your systems are all patched with the latest security and hotfixes to keep your system protected and working normally to help minimize interruptions to your everyday productivity.
Service Desk – We offer ticketing and tracking from our support team so you can easily send for help and have your issues resolved as quickly as possible.  We even have a real person you can call!
Backups – We offer backup and disaster recovery solutions with scheduled testing.  This way you can rest assured that should a catastrophe happen; we can bring you back online in the least time possible.
Network and Security – We offer top notch anti virus, anti spyware, anti malware, advanced firewalls and more with our IT management services.  If you sign up, we can install equipment to make all that happen.


As we assess and implement your solutions, we keep security at the forefront of our minds.  You can rest at ease knowing that Singler Tech wants you to succeed, and that means making sure you are protected by following the industry’s current best practices when securing your networks, servers, and software systems.


Whether you need to build and run new infrastructure from scratch or need help troubleshooting or fixing your current network.  We can do that!  From wired to wireless we are the pros you need to bring or build your network to an efficient and productive condition.  As certified network professionals, we can handle your switching, routing, network security issues, and everything in between.


When your computer disappoints you, you need a professional pc repair technician that can fix the problem. After all, machine problems every now and then can affect business productivity or your personal day-to-day life. At Singler Tech, we can provide off or on-site repair services for all types of computer systems. Our comprehensive service quickly repairs your broken hardware or software and gets it back to you to keep your productivity at a premium. We offer our customers customized solutions to your issues round the clock. Give us a call and let us fix all your computer-related issues.